The Obo-Kwahu Community

Photos by: Derrick Somuah Agyekum

The Obo-Kwahu community, a verdant valley nestled in the mountainous eastern region of Ghana, is breathtakingly beautiful; but, it’s beauty belies the suffering its inhabitants experience daily. For the community’s children, in particular, their hardships begin when they wake up each morning and have to walk to the stream, riverside, or dugout holes for water for bathing. Some do it the evening before, and others whose parents can afford storage tanks fill and use them for their daily needs (bathing, cooking, etc.) until their supply runs out. Children in Obo walk to school, with those who have to traverse longer distances to fetch water for their morning needs or assist with the care of younger siblings receiving punishment for tardiness upon arrival to school. The children’s clothes, school fees, uniforms, and school supplies (backpacks, textbooks, writing utensils, etc.) are either inadequately supplied or absent. Some children are forced to work on the farm with their parents or guardians to make ends meet. Other children must help their parents sell produce at the market in lieu of going to school, and others still are conscripted to relatives or wealthy city-dwellers as domestic servants because their parents cannot afford to raise them. The Obo community’s only library, which lacks patronage, personnel, or much reading material, is effectively defunct.

The CFFR proceeds allotted to aid the Obo-Kwahu community will help to improve the quality of life for the village’s children (and, subsequently, their parents) by supporting the development of:

  • Clean water services the children can access more readily and reliably;
  • Renovation, supply, staffing, and revival of the village’s sole library
  • Scholarships to aid with the cost of school uniforms, fees and textbooks
  • Provision of school supplies

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